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Welcome to Kanata Montessori.


From 18 months to 18 years, we aren’t just preparing students for university; we are preparing them for life.

Six core values permeate our school:


  • Personalized Learning

  • Freedom With Responsibility

  • Strong Sense Of Community

  • Improving The World

  • High Academic Standards

  • Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability


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What if...

  • There was a school where children could be welcomed as toddlers, be inspired through their formative years and graduate into their futures? 

  • There was a school focused on high academic standards, and increased student engagement?

  • There was a school grounded in the Montessori philosophy with 21st century learning spaces fuelling innovation, teamwork and critical thinking?

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Founded in 1974, Kanata Montessori is continually broadening the services it provides to meet the changing needs of its students and parents alike. In its early beginnings, KM offered robust Casa pre-school programming. After moving to Kanata South business park in the 1990’s, our programming was expanded to include grades 1 through 6. In 2008, the school completed a major expansion and now enjoys a full sized gymnasium that benefits all programs and provides the opportunity for many community activities. 


As of 2016, our school became a fully accredited high school offering students an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Since then, our grade 12 graduates have achieved a 100% university application success rate. The school now encompasses three campuses in Kanata. At each level, whether a student is enrolled in Toddler, Casa, Junior Elementary, Senior Elementary, Junior High or Senior High, our educators and staff are dedicated to helping each child find their path.


Founded in 1974

with a robust

Casa program

Expanded to include

grades 1 through 6

in the 1990's

A major expansion

added a full gymnasium 

and community spaces

in 2008


As of 2016, Kanata Montessori became a fully accredited high school and now educates students

from 18 months to 18 years

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18 months - 3 years

Senior Elementary

9 years - 12 years


3 years - 6 years

Junior High

12 years - 15 years

Junior Elementary

6 years - 9 years

Senior High

15 years - 18 years

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"I will forever sing your school’s praises. Your leadership and devotion is exemplary. It’s not just a school, it's a life training centre and a family.  I absolutely love your education model and the work that you do to ensure the world IS a better place."
T. Puchula

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Toddler and Casa

630 Cameron Harvey Drive

Kanata, Ontario, K2K 1X7

Tel: (613) 592-9244

Fax: (613) 592-3705



Toddler to Grade 6

355 Michael Cowpland Drive

Kanata, Ontario, K2M 2C5

Tel: (613) 592-2189

Fax: (613) 592-3705


Grade 7 to 12

275 Michael Cowpland Drive

Kanata, Ontario, K2M 2G2

Tel:  (613) 592-9019

Fax:(613) 592-3705



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